CAMPSITE # 13 - Burrinjuck Dam

After rising from our honourable rest area snooze, we decided to spend the morning sight seeing around Goulburn - Australia's Very First Inland City - in 1828. Makes you realise how young Australia really is. Aside from the odd few buildings & war memorial, Goulburn seemed to have lost it's historic charm. Still, we did the walk around in search for something exciting.

 And then we found it, a giant merino!! Standing at approximately 4 stories tall, this giant concrete sheep certainly wasn't easily missed.
Tom asked me to stand next to its, umm, 'behind' - purely for the purpose of acting as a scale for the photo. I, in my lady like manner, decided to show it who's boss...

Burrinjuck Dam was the next campsite on our list. Sitting at 99.7% full, it's the fullest its been in over 25 years. Last year in November, we went there on a stinking hot day and we all had a lovely refreshing swim in the dam, that was lucky to be half full. This year, you couldn't have paid me to jump in. It was freeeeeeezing!!! 

Tom, the bird man, made some loving friends as soon as we turned up. These wild King Parrots were so adoring of the man with biscuit in hand, but even without a biscuit - these beautifully colourful parrots still took quite a liking to Tom the Bird Whisperer...

The next day, as it wasn't actually raining just pathetically overcast, we decided to go and play a friendly game of tennis - in an attempt to help warm us up. 
Poor Tom, got so frustrated by the thought of a girl beating him at tennis, I could see the sadness in his eyes as the worry began to set in... "could Amy actually beat me at this game?" 
How could I be so cruel and make him feel inferior to me and less of a man by losing such a simple game? As the game progressed and it looked more and more like it would work in my favour, I decided to do the right thing. I weakened my backhand, slowed down my footwork and softened up my usually powerfully dominating serves. I knew, in my heart of hearts, I was doing it for the greater good of our happiness on the road for the coming months.
End Result? Tom 6 / 1 / 3 vs Amy 4 / 6 / 2

Of course, Tom would no doubt try to tell you a different turn of events if he was telling the story but hey... who's writing this blog?!!

Our lazy afternoon was spent by me watching Tom fish. Resulting in him catching his very first fish of the trip. We took a photo, and dec ided the right thing to do would be to throw the cute little fella back. Only to later find out that the RedFin Perch is infact a pest and should be slaughtered on the spot... oooopsie!!

While we weren't so lucky with the weather, Burrinjuck Dam was once again a lovely place to be. Certainly beats the "Lake Burrinjuck" that we visited for a quick fish the next morning. Located at the other end of the dam, Lake Burrinjuck truly reminded me of "Bonnie Doon". If you don't know anything about Bonnie Doon, GOOGLE IT!
How was the serenity? I'll tell you 'how's the serenity"... picture a lake with tinnys and run down old shacks and even greyhounds!! Really serene.
We loitered around Burrinjuck while we were eagering preparing ourselves for the next week ahead.
Just a ten minute drive from the dam, my Uncle Bruce has a sheep farm. (Yes you Brits, a real life Australian with an Uncle Bruce who has a sheep farm!!).

Being that there are sheep on this sheep farm, they need to be shorn once a year. Last year, when we had only just got the Troopie we drove her down and helped Brucey out doing the sheep thing. So here we are again ready and waiting for another year of exciting antics and funny stories. Uncle Bruce, being the cheeky bugger that he is, mentioned to me in passing last week that "even though he's been reading and enjoying our blog to date - he'd still do a better job at writing the blog during the week of shearing than I would. Right then UNCOOL Bruce - I'm holding you to that. The next blog entry you will read will not be written by yours truly, it will be written by my Uncle but prepare yourselves as he no doubt will stretch the truth somewhat and I can confidentally say it will be at my expense.

Stay Tuned!!


Greg HS said...

Come on then Bruce me ol'mucker let's see what kinda amusing tales you can add to the story of the wanderings of Ames and Tom - I reckon this blog needs a bit of Australian machoism to beef it up a tad, less of the romance, more of the bull...!

I + C said...

Amy remember Bruce is in advertising and you can't believe a word he writes - get the true story from "Scoie" - he refers to Bruce as the "gentleman farmer from Gay Advertising".
Also be worth getting a video of Bruce's highly trained and obedient (not) working dogs. Also good to see them at home on the lounge watching TV in their six star kennel!
And of course a photo of the full size fibre glass beer cooler sheep in the back yard would be priceless - providing Cheryl hasn't put them on eBay yet.

IAN (Bruce's slightly older brother)