Tom and Amy are a young couple who have been living in Australia together for the last two years. Back in September 2009, they purchased a 1989 Toyota Landcruiser Troopcarrier together. When they bought Charlie the Troopcarrier, he was just an empty shell of a 4WD.
Charlie would one day become the ultimate 4WD adventure machine and would take Tom and Amy on a journey around Australia for ten months.

Tom, an Englishman who studied Geology and moved straight over to Australia after finishing Uni to join the work force, met Amy just a couple of months into his arrival in the Land Down Under. Amy, an Australian, worked as a Real Estate Agent and had never truly explored Oz, the way it should be explored.

Together, they decided to embark on a journey around Australia... the full circuit and then some. And therefore leading them to record their adventures on a blog named, Oz360.