Tom and I have a rating system along with a brief overview of each campsite.

Tom, the scientist, who likes everything to have a system via an analytical approach, has decided it best to structure the rating system rather than just us giving an 'emotional' rating.

So, below is the criteria that Tom has come up with for rating the sites.

The rating will now be out of 20 and it will be decided by a list of positive or negative points such as...

Clean & well kept +1 point
 +1 point
Hot shower +1 point
Toilet +1 point
Flushing Toilets +1 point
Pleasant surroundings +2 points
Free +6 points
Nice grass +1 point
Clean drinking water +1 point
Close proximity to attractions  +1 point
Good shade +1 point
Sheltered areas +1 point
Flat pitch +1 point
Fire place +1 pointFree power +1 point
Free BBQ +1 point
Benches / Tables  +1 point
Swimming Pool +1 point
Beach / sea / river / lake +2 points

Emotional swing +/- 2 points from each of us

Negative encounter -2 points
Excessive noise -1 point
Bad location -1 point
Unclean & dirty -1 point
Charge for showers -1 point
Cost (less than or equal to $10) -1 point
Cost (greater than $10) -2 points
Cost (greater than $30) -3 points

We will include the rating and an overview of how it got its score in each campsite post.