Two Turtle Doves...

One more sleep until it's the happiest day of the year and I can't wait.

The Christmas Tree has been decorated to the nines with each piece of tinsel and ornament strategically placed. All of the presents are resting under the tree, neatly wrapped in their sparkling colours awaiting their unveiling first thing tomorrow morning. I'm yet to conduct the annual audit of the presents under the tree but no doubt my name is on the majority.

I've been very busy in the kitchen. The Christmas Cake has been baked.. even though the frosted icing was harder work than baking the actual cake!! It's now setting in the fridge, and will be decorated this eve in preparation for its gala event after lunch tomorrow.

Tom & Uncle Bruce have worked their little hearts out in the yard. I love how everyone gets their lawns mowed, pools cleaned & homes immaculate just to enjoy it in pristine condition for that special day. I don't think I've heard so many pieces of outdoor machinery being used in one day than in this neighbourhood... they've been working non stop!!

Tom and I have rummaged through the cupboards of the Troopie in search of our most respectable pieces of clothing (free from the stench of either smoke or fish) 
for a Christmas eve dinner this evening followed by a visit to the church for a midnight Christmas Eve ceremony.... I better get my vocal chords in tune (if they even know how!!). 

The weather this afternoon was absolutely perfect, what better way to celebrate Christmas Eve than to drink beers under the sun around the pool (also referred to as Hayman Island). It's quite rare for Canberra to actually experience NICE weather particularly over the Christmas period. The sun must have decided to make its way down further south this year as it certainly isn't shining back in Queensland!!! Na na ne nar nar!!

We're both really looking forward to a special day tomorrow. And we'll be thinking of our close family and friends that we won't be able to spend it with. I hope you all have a truly memorable day .

Crank those Christmas Carols on the stereo - cheesy the better!
Forget the diet regime and pig out until you feel so sick from overeating you need to lie down on the carpet of the lounge room floor.
And, most importantly, just remember... it is your duty as a festivities participant to ensure that you always have a glass of your drink of choice in hand at all times throughout the day. (Afternoon siestas excused). 


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The Retro Roamers said...

Have a great day Amy & Tom

Enjoy the sunshine by the pool.

Cheers & beers