CAMPSITE # 56 - Swimcart Beach, Bay Of Fires Reserve TAS

We had been told about the "Pub In The Paddock" in Pyengana TAS featured something a little bizarre, something we had never seen before. Aside from the fact that it was in an absolutely amazing location.. right in the middle of a farm, it's one of Tasmania's oldest pubs. The owners must have known in order to be a sought after tourist destination, they needed something unique, something that would make heads turn and make all of the travellers go off the beaten track to explore. And when that doesn't work, why not just grab a stubbie of Boag's and shove it down the jaws of an obese pig... apparently the RSPCA have been on to them and the pig is now limited to just a cool 100 stubbies A DAY!!!

After witnessing the pig downing a stubbie in less than two seconds, we decided to head to our next location. And, what a glorious spot!! Congratulations Swimcart Beach TAS, you have officially overtaken Journama Creek, NSW (CAMPSITE #22)
 as our favourite FREE campsite. That's right, we were RIGHT on the beach. We had our own private beach access to PRIME REAL ESTATE... absolutely divine oceanfront. And just like alot of Tasmania, it's free camping which is always a favourite. After 5 days of staying in this amazing location, we spent an average of $practically-nothing per day!! On that rate of spend, we could stay on the road for at least another 18 years (give or take of course!!!)

For some reason, the gods really want us to do things in threes. Just like the three Tom's back in Pebbly Beach (CAMPSITE # 17) we once again did things in three but this time, it was Charlie's turn.

Charlie The Troopcarrier...

Met up with his long lost older brother (born just one year beforehand in 1988) with QueensLandCruiser...

And his 13 year old nephew - Norbit.

The owner of Norbit is Maria who is originally Swedish, lived in England for a couple of years and has been working in Australia as an Environmental Engineer for the last few years. She is now having a little break, travelling across Australia until she starts work again in Broome in April. I take my hat off to Maria, to do a trip like this with just Tom & I in a Troopie is hard enough but to do it in a troopie by yourself... now that's a totally different kettle of fish. I certainly couldn't do it, I mean... who would light my fires and lift the bikes onto the roof??

Jess & Dave are the owners of QueensLandCruiser. Try this on for size... they also left in October, they also came on the Spirit of Tasmania on the same day as us, they are also travelling around Australia at a similar rate as us and they also have a Troopie!! Now there are way too many things in common here for us not to spend time with each other. And plus, the idea of joining forces for a little while excited us all... we could drive in convoy in Troopcarriers... yeeeeeha!!

It was seriously tough, having to park up right on the beach overlooking the ocean. I mean, the were worse places we could have been. I just couldn't believe it was free!!

One of the things I've noticed that separates Tassie from the mainland is its sand. The sand in Tasmania is really course, more like tiny pebbles than sand granules. I tried to get Tom to provide me with a geological explanation, which he did but I think I need a degree to understand it.

Jess, Dave, Tom & Maria

The world almost came crashing down on Tom. He had spent a little time doing boy stuff under the hood of the Troopie and was using his much loved Leatherman to assist him. Now, just to paint the picture this Leatherman is like his third kidney... he goes everywhere with it and he uses it over and over again every single day. After he finished doing his man stuff, we took a drive in to town to collect supplies. It wasn't until a few hours later that Tom realised, he had misplaced his Leatherman. After the entire inside of the Troopie was ripped out, under the hood was checked a million and two times and even the most bizarre places were checked.. Tom took a walk down the road we'd travelled. He'd figured that perhaps he left it sitting on the bonnet after he had done his man stuff and forgot to return it to its home in the man draw. After returning more than an hour later, Tom's face told all of the stories... he had lost his Leatherman. We gave the Leatherman a mini funeral and had a drink at his wake in his honour. It was at that time that we both began to accept the fact that a) the Leatherman was well and truly gone and b) Tom should return things to their rightful location (oh boy, I'm gonna get in strife for that little dig). 

While I was busy drinking in his honour, on beer number three of the Leatherman's wake, I heard Tom busily chatting away (as he does) to a passerby in a ute. I poked my head around the corner to inquire and I saw a grin from ear to ear. A local, who was driving behind us on route to town, saw something fall of the side of our bonnet. He then pulled over and collected the Leatherman. It was his second (and last if he couldn't find us) drive of the campsites to try and find us to return it. After Tom offered him the world as a reward, the man politely (and cheesily) said that "seeing his face was rewarding enough". You see... there are good people in this world. What a nice guy, and to go out of his way patrolling up and down the campsites to find us... what a guy. There should be more nice people like him in the world. 

Tommy is officially quite the fisherman... we've now enjoyed many meals thanks to his great fishing abilities. Turns out patience & persistence really does pay off!!

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