CAMPSITE # 126 - Pardoo Station Stay, WA

Sometimes I find myself having a little chuckle at the things you do on the road. Where you're so extremely conscience of things that can make or break your trip i.e. storage space, money & mechanical stuff.

Take for instance, our weekly grocery shop. We don't just shove the bags in the boot and drive away, oh no, we stand there and unpack each and every item into their desired containers & storage area. Normally, because we have just had to endure the torture of loitering amongst amazing food we can't afford, we'll then find ourselves pulling our chairs out in the carpark and 'devouring' a vegemite sandwich or a bowl of noodles just to make our stomachs forget about all of the other yummy stuff we'd just seen. That's right, our romantic lunch dates are now sometimes limited to camping chairs in a Woolworths carpark.

Diesel is absolute killer, when you're on the road you do absolutely everything & anything possible to drag that fuel price down even by a cent or two. But, we've caught wind of a few little secrets along the way. Obviously, there's the Coles & Woolworths discount vouchers that will get you 4c off a litre however, if you're filling up 160 litres of fuel, you'll generally find that you'll save $5 by using a 4c off. But, they say if you spend $5 in store, you get an additional 4c off per litre. I calculated that we then spend $5 in order to save $5 which essentially means whatever we buy is 'free'. Yippeeee.

Another little way to combat the rising fuel price is an iPhone app Tom found called "Cheap Fuel" and it tells us all of the fuel outlets in a town in WA and what price they are on that day. It's a god send!

And one last one is a lot of towns that have ports will generally have a single Diesel bowser there for the public to refuel at roughly 5 - 8 cents less per litre than the ones in the town centre! Great  success!!!

Site : Pardoo Station Stay
Rating : 12 / 20
Facilities : We're really loving these station stays! And this one is party central. There would have been at least 300 people staying there while we were there. We had a little laugh at the over 50s who would gather in a social circle around the bonfire, their sign engraved into a piece of timber and nailed to a tree saying "Pardoo Coffin Dodgers" was quite amusing.

The property is on the ocean and you can drive around their station out to the creeks & the beach. We spent the day at the creek and Tom had some great success with his fishing catching us some lovely Flathead & Australian Salmon to enjoy for entrĂ©e. But the main meal really was the most exciting part - his first mud crab... (N.B. when you're living off vegemite sandwiches and noodles... a mud crab is a SERIOUS treat!!! And we enjoyed every bite)

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