CAMPSITE # 99 - The Birsdville Track, SA

It was time to begin the Birdsville Track. One of the routes that we had on our original “Must Do” list was about to be ‘done’. To our delight, when we arrived at the beginning of the track, located in Marree, we were greeted by a rather pleasant surprise. All of this time, the northern end of the Birdsville track had been closed, that’s why we couldn’t loop around from Alice Springs and why we had been backtracking our path over the last two weeks. But finally, it was open. With two days up our sleeves until we had to be at Mungerannie, Tom and I entertained a rather daring thought. To spend that night part of the way up the track and then take the entire following day to drive all 350 additional kilometres to Birdsville, stay in Birdsville that night and then head back down the track to Mungerannie in the morning and be there for our start by 10am. And while you may think, 350kms would only take a few hours... think again, the Birdsville Track certainly is not your run of the mill gravel road.
It was going to be very tight, and we knew that but we were so desperate to do the track. We were definitely doing the entire Birdsville track, it was just a matter of when. So, our way of thinking was if we got it out of the way before we started working then we could make a beeline to the Nullarbor Plain to head west once we’d finished the work.
It was all well and good in theory until...

Tom did let the tyres down in Marree before we started the track,
I have evidence...

We had our very first flat tyre. For blogging purposes, I would love to tell you this huge elaborate life-threatening story where we were clinging on for dear life but unfortunately it was more like...
  • Pulled up 100metres before our designated campsite at Coopers Crossing to check out the old barge that Tom Kruse (the Birdsville Track Mailman from 1936 - 1957) had sunk while trying to transport loads across a flooded Coopers Creek.
  • Went to get back in the car and noticed the rear left tyre was deflating at a rather consistent pace.
  • Drove the 100metres to camp at a very slow and steady pace.
  • Chose a campsite.
  • Tom changed tyre. Amy watched & took photos.

It was very hard work. I was sweating like a pig.
The tyre part was no biggie, particularly for me. In times like these, I think it’s safe to say that I am pretty bloody useless. It’s funny though because I think if Tom wasn’t there and I had to do it myself, I would figure out what to do and how to do it although, it would take me about six times longer. I am a self confessed useless mechanic’s aid. I’m more of a hindrance than a help. I’ve learnt that I should not talk nor should I ask questions as 99.9% of the time they are either a) completely irrelevant or b) totally useless. I should just stand clear of the area and assist when asked to do so. I am totally ok with this arrangement.

I think Tom was shocked at my ignorance when I asked him if rather than changing the tyre, can’t we just blow it up again?  Even I realised how stupid I was right after I said it. But I have an excuse,  I don’t like to get that dirty oily grease stuff all over my hands. Just like how Tom is with making the bed, it’s just not my department.

Site : Coopers Creek Crossing
Rating : 7 / 20
Facilities : The campsite itself was pretty minimal. We were very glad to be camped there when we were and not a few weeks ago because, judging by our surroundings and the water level indicators, the Troopie would have been swimming in at least waist deep water back then. There is a toilet but I didn't even dare to enter.

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The Retro Roamers said...

Hi guys

Don't let a flat tyre faze ya Amy. I should get you to do some mechincal work on the Val (he he!!!)

Enjoy your time at the Mungerannie hotel. What sort of work are you guys doing there anyway?

Have a good one.

Cheers & beers