CAMPSITE # 75 - Our journey to the edge of the world

With just two days left in Tassie, we were desperate to squeeze in as much as we possibly could. Even though we were both really looking forward to the journey beyond Tasmania, we were really sad about the idea of leaving. 

As we set off on route towards the Edge of the World, we stumbled across this a place that took our breath away. Tarkine Forest Adventures at Dismal Swamp truly was hidden out in the middle of nowhere, we're just so glad we found it. It's a forest area that features some "magical boardwalks" around the area once on the verge of being stripped down to become a cow paddock. To help make the boardwalk even more magical, they had some artists hide some of their pieces of art amongst the forest... see if you can spot where this one is...

The coolest part about visiting Dismal Swamp was the slide, a 110 metre slide from the visitor centre at the top, through the tree canopy and down to the forest floor within 15 seconds... and boy was it quite the rush!! We had two slides each for $20 per person, and it was well worth it too! And when you're on a ride like this, you just have to be vocal (and Tom just had to get the evidence!!)

After feeling so awake & alive, it was time to continue our venture to the Edge of the World. We decided to check into the Caravan Park just 5kms from the Edge of the World so that we could settle in while it was still light, have some dinner and wait until sunset. Just before sunset, we headed down there to what I thought would be quite a romantic little adventure. It was romantic, for one millisecond but I think the romance quickly got swept away by the gale force winds... boy it was rough out there! 

On the plaque, it reads...

I cast my pebble onto the shore of eternity
To be washed by the Ocean of Time
It has shape, form and substance
It is me.

One day I will be no more
But my pebble will remain here.
On the shore of eternity
Mute witness for the aeons.
That today and came and stood
At the Edge of the World.

Some people believe the Edge of the World to be quite a spiritual place. It is the longest mass of uninterrupted expanse of ocean on the globe. From Argentina the current sweeps unimpeded more than halfway around the planet until they hit this point. While Tom went off for his explore, I sat down on the viewing platform. I realised I was too focused on keeping myself sheltered from the wind than warming myself up to actual take a moment to enjoy this experience. So, I told myself to toughen up, I took off my beanie, took a deep breath, sat up nice and straight and opened my eyes big & wide. And no, I didn't have some amazing spiritual experience but I did take a moment to sit and think about my surroundings and our trip & what we had achieved so far. I realised, while the gods weren't exactly calling my name from the Edge of the World, this was my time to stop and reflect on one of the most amazing adventures of my life. Regardless of the gale force winds & the freezing cold... that spot right there is my happy place that I'm sure my mind will drift back to for years to come.

Tom was really intrigued by the huge amount of debris swept up on the beach.
This one even provided proof of its origin.

Site : Arthur River Cabin Park
Rating : 6 / 20
Facilities : Bit of a hole but that was to be expected considering it's proximity to the 'rest' of the world. Shower & toilets were good and clean. Pretty pricey though - $28 for a powered site.

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